Best gaming accessories for phones 2022

Speaking as a passionate mobile gamer, finding the best smartphone gaming accessories can save you from inadequate controls, a dying battery, tinny audio, and limited internal storage. With cloud-based streaming platforms on the rise and the best Android games adding controller support and more demanding graphics, having the right Android gaming accessories on hand can … Read more

Area Churches, Pastors invited to take part in ‘Back to Basics’ Elmore County Revival July 23 at Lake Martin Amphitheater – Elmore-Autauga News

The following is a letter that has been sent out to area churches. If your church did not receive this letter, please know you are invited to take part. Contact information is included below. Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are organizing a community revival. Our vision is to unite the Body of Christ for one … Read more

Best smart home devices 2022

Smart home devices are becoming more and more common these days. Not only has the cost of entry into starting your smart home come down, but the number of products available has exploded. With so many different devices to pick from, it can be very difficult to sort through and find the best smart home … Read more

Android Auto problems and how to fix them

Android Auto is one of the best apps you can get for your car. It’s already available on your Android phone, and if your car supports it, you have a quick way to access Google Maps and music apps, make and receive calls, and reply to messages (with your voice) while you’re out and about. … Read more

Daily Authority: 🧊 Keeping cool

📈 Good morning! Keep reading for a good chart on TV interest after finales. Cooling down our hot chips Faster chips keep getting hotter. As transistor density increases in CPUs and GPUs and clock speeds get higher, they’re getting hotter too. It’s a simplification but it’s not wrong. Power consumption and heat generation are two … Read more