10 Arts And Crafts You Can Do At Home With Your Dog

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We love getting outside with our dogs, but sometimes we have to find a few indoor activities for a rainy day. Dog-themed, DIY arts and crafts can give us something to do, and we get to keep our fun tributes to our best furry buddies!

If you’ve found yourself with more time at home lately, or you’re just wondering how to pay proper homage to the most important creature in your life, then we’ve got some suggestions for you.

You and your dog can explore your crafty side with these ten easy DIY art projects, all from the comfort of your own home.

1. Paw Print Ornament Or Paperweight

Leia's paw print

Leia’s paw print (Picture Credit: Amanda)

A paw print ornament can make a fantastic holiday gift for people who love your dog, as well as a great keepsake for yourself. It could also be a nice charm to hang, or you could skip the hole-punch step and leave it intact as a paperweight.

There are kits you can buylike I did to make the ornament you see above of my dog ​​Leia’s paw print, or you can use a simple DIY recipe and even add glitter to decorate it and define the paw print better.

My favorite guide for getting this project started is from DogVills, and you can find it here! I love this guide so much that I think I’ll try it for myself and make more ornaments!

It can be a little tricky to get good definition, so make sure that your pooch’s paw isn’t tipped to one side and that you press firmly into the dough.

Leia was a pretty good sport about it, even though I had to press quite firmly since her body is too light to make much of a print on its own!

2. Paw Print Garden Stones

You could use the same recipe as the ornaments above to create decorative “stones” to place throughout your garden.

With a bit more effort, you can create a more durable version using cement. Or you can get a handy kit online that comes with everything you need.

You can turn those into pavers to frame a flowerbed or any other area you’d like.

3. Framed Paw Prints


Obviously, everything about your dog is beautiful, including their frame-worthy paw prints. So why not put those prints in a frame and show them off to all your visitors? This is a very easy project and does not require many materials.

To minimize clean-up, you may want to lay down some newspapers on the floor, and try to wash your dog’s paw right away after you’re done. Choosing a washable, non-toxic paint is a good idea, too.

For a different look, try this version.

4. Paw Print Flower Art

Using the same tips and techniques as the framed paw print project above, you can take it one step further by creating beautiful flower art using your dog’s paws as a base.

The paw prints make the petals of the flowers, and you can paint in the stems, leaves, and other details. You can follow along with the video above or click here for a full guide.

I absolutely love this project and can’t wait to try it.

5. Dog Tribute Locket Or Keychain

This is a great follow-up project to do after any of the above paw print projects, using the same base image you and your dog created with a paint-transfer paw print.

Of course, you can really use any image you like, whether it’s a paw print, a photo of your dog, or other artwork of your pooch that you’ve made.

Scan the image you want to use into your computer, scale it down, print it out, and voila! You’ve got a great insert for a locket or keychain. You can find keychains that will hold your pictures here!

Display your work with pride with a transparent front, or keep the secret image close to your heart with a traditional closed locket.

6. Paw Print Watercolor Painting

Same idea, less clean-up as other paw print paint projects: dip your dog’s paws in water and let them walk around on blank paper. Immediately after they’ve left their marks, fill them in with watercolor paint, yourself, and have a permanent piece of art.

There’s a great tutorial for this project here, so take a look if you need help getting started.

You could also try this with fabric and fabric paint to make a blanket, a pillow cover, a shirt – you name it!

7. Photo Shoot

Leia in a heart wreath

Leia in a heart wreath (Picture Credit: Amanda)

Don’t forget that photos are art! You could have a themed photo shoot with your pup for a digital treasure trove, or you could even print out the photos to frame or add to a themed photo album.

All you need for an “upscale” photo shoot is a few accessories, like the heart wreath that came from Dollar Tree in the picture of Leia above, a pretty backdrop of flowers, a cute costume – any or none of the above because, let’s face it, your dog is a work of art without even trying.

8. Silhouette Pillow

This project may require a bit more skill and a bit more time, but the end result is worth it.

Using your dog’s own silhouette or a pre-made silhouette of your dog’s breed, you can create a custom throw pillow.

Follow along with the tutorial above. This one is easier if you have some sewing experience already.

9. Dog Drink Coasters

You can create your very own customized dog drink coasters to bring a smile to yourself every time you lift your mug.

To create your coaster artwork, you can use the paw print techniques from above or use a silhouette like with the pillow project. Or use the best images from your latest doggy photo shoot.

Really, you can put any photo or artwork you like in a coaster with the tutorial in the video above. With some creativity, the options are endless!

10. Dog String Art

For a more ambitious craft, you can create these frame-able string art projects using your dog’s silhouette or a pre-made silhouette of your dog’s breed.

These may require a time investment, but it will be worth it when you have a really unique work of art celebrating your dog in the end.

Do you have any fun art projects you’ve done with your dog? Which dog themed arts and crafts are your favorites? Please share your ideas below!

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