10 Most Visually Unique Graphics In Games, Ranked

Some gamers have an issue when they go back to their favorite game libraries again and again, every game seems to feel like they’re the same. So many games strive for a hyper-realistic style that ends up with worlds filled with washed-out colors. Even when things get a bit more cartoonish, things tend to feel familiar in style.

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However, some games stand leagues above others in the visual department. Whether that is due to utilizing familiar techniques in innovative ways, trying out something entirely new, or having the advantage of no games in existence being like that one, there are tons of games with fascinating visuals. To some, visuals are the most important part of any art form, and if that’s you, you’ll love these visually unique games.

10 Yoshi’s Woolly World

Knitted Yoshi from Yoshi's Woolly World, he is jumping in the air at the start of a level.

The line of games that feature Yoshi as the main character tends to stand out in some unique way. Even Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island stands out amongst a sea of ​​2D side-scrollers. Yoshi’s Woolly World manages to take the Yoshi style and make it even more unique.

Everything about the game oozes an arts and crafts style thanks to the world being made out of wool. The bright colors and unique world of the Yoshi series blend perfectly with the adorably crafted fibers. It’s a fun game and an incredibly cute one.


9 Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio gameplay screenshot of skating player

There are a lot of things that make Jet Set Radio an incredibly unique game on just about every level. It’s a game set around rollerblading, something that is quite rare in gaming, and its vibrant cel-shaded style somehow stands out even amongst other cel-shaded games.

The reason it may stand out more than others is due to the unique mechanics and simple but stylized UI dotted throughout the game. The entire game is bright and looks as if it hopped right off the pages of your favorite rollerblading-themed comic book.

8 Mortal Kombat

MortalKombat gameplay with actors as sprites

It is fair to say that the original Mortal Kombat is a bit dated when compared to modern games, but it’s hard to deny how unique it can feel. One of the biggest reasons it stands out visually is due to the game’s inclusion of actual digitized actors functioning as the in-game sprites.

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Seeing what were actually real people battling was fascinating to see when it was released, and things only became more incredible when you meet Goro. Unlike the rest of the characters, Goro was a model that was used to create a stop-motion animation style, something that added to the unique appearance of the incredibly violent game.

7 Journey

The main character of Journey stands in a desert at the base of a mountain, looking up at a glowing light at the top of the peak

It can often feel like everyone sings the praises of Journey, and yet there are still a shocking amount of people who have never experienced the game. Many regard it as one of the most visually stunning games to have ever been created, and that’s without the most powerful graphics around.

The vast desert featured in Journey is something that has rarely been matched in beauty. The mountain in the distance only adds to the ominous beauty of the game’s world, and the unique character design helps keep every moment in your mind.

6 Limbo

A Screenshot From Limbo Gameplay Showing The Protagonist Swinging From A Rope.

It can be really hard to create any art these days without the use of plenty of vibrant colors. Without plenty of visual stimuli, players can get bored of looking at something really quick, but Limbo managed to hold players’ attention until the very end of the short adventure.

Just about the entire game is filled with nothing but black and white. Everything from the world around you, the creatures that chase you, and even your playable character are drenched in darkness. This design choice makes the dark game visually unique and has led to a lot of theorizing.

5 Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter Key Art

While plenty of the pixel throwback games that have recently come out arguably feature fascinating and unique styles, Hyper Light Drifter is one of the best to do it. The use of what’s been described as a retro-palette of colors and pixel art to craft a unique world was incredible.

As you battle your way through the pixellated world, you’ll likely find yourself taking more than a few moments to stop and soak in your surroundings. The game doesn’t really feature dialogue either, something that makes the visuals all the more important.

4 Superhot

Superhot header (punching one of the red crystal men)

It wouldn’t be surprising that those who haven’t played Superhot have at least seen plenty of screenshots of the bright game. The game acts as a kind of puzzling first-person shooter thanks to its unique time mechanic.

While its unique mechanic is definitely a draw to the game, the simple yet stunning visuals are arguably just as big of a draw for fans of game visuals. The bright white gameworld is juxtaposed by bright-red enemies that must be taken out, making for a visually unique experience.

3 Killer7

Killer7 character aiming gun

A lot of people who’ve played Killer7 would probably consider it to be a rather weird game, but it’s also an incredibly distinctive game. It’s another game that uses cel-shading to appear as if it came from the pages of a comic book, but this game is anything but family-friendly.

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Even while playing the game, it can feel like you’re making your way through the panels of a visual novel, whether you’re rushing toward your targets or actively engaged in combat. Its unique cast of characters, violence, and overall style help keep it unique.

2 Cuphead

indie game Cuphead boss battle vs Cagney Carnation

There were tons of people who were excited for Cuphead based on the art style alone. The brutally hard game features tons of incredible boss fights that are worth talking about, but the style is what will likely live on in the minds of fans.

The game’s visuals are unique from just about every video game to ever hit the market thanks to the fact that the game’s art is hand-drawn. The hand-drawn art helps give the game a unique feeling like you’re playing through a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon.

1 Okami

Amateur from Okami HD

You could take almost any screenshot from any point of Okami and frame it on your wall at home. The game is beautiful, and while it does implement some familiar art style tricks, it stands out by having every moment look like a painting.

That design choice was purposeful as the game sees you using the celestial brush to help cleanse the land of curses. Many regard the game as one of the most beautiful of all time, and it’s hard to argue with that as each water-color landscape is more beautiful than the last.

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