16 Crafts To Do With A Baby That Are Easy, Adorable, & Fun For Both Of You

I know that there are a lot of moms out there would be satisfied with that first “I am a Girl” or “I am a Boy!” footprint stamp that you get from the hospital after your baby is born, and leave it at that, but not me. I have been stamping, painting, brushing, and molding with my little ones and their itty bitty body parts ever since they were a day or two old. I have folders and folders of crafts to do with a baby on my computer. I’ve even tried to do crafts with my babies while they were in utero – but that’s a story for another time.

I think the main reason I craft is because it’s a way to capture the now. It’s a tangible way of living in the moment and being present, by constantly trying to preserve it. Even as I write this, my daughter is asking when I’ll be done with work so we can do handcrafts – that’s how trained my kids are. But even if you’re not a natural born crafter, there’s no reason not to try to have fun. After all, you don’t have to be a master crafter to accomplish these crafts. (In fact, it’s more fun if it’s a hilarious Pinterest fail than a picture-perfect rendition.) So break out the brushes, prep the paints, and great ready to do these 10 crafts with your baby.


Edible Play Dough

Red Tricycle

Sure, it might not smell exactly like the Play-Doh we all know and love, but you’ll be a lot more calmer with your child playing with this Edible Playdough from Red Tricycle, which is safe for small tummies.


Playing With Rice

This Sensory Rice Play creates a cool sensory experience for your baby from Fun At Home With Kids. Score major mommy points if you hide additional toys for babies to dig and discover.


Ice Painting

Messy Little Monster

A perfect summertime project, Messy Little Monster’s idea for Ice Painting allows your little one to swish and swirl colored ice cubes onto paper for an ultra cool experience.


Bubble Wrap Painting

Sunny Day Family

Forget about flat canvases. Sunny Day Family makes Bubble Wrap Painting a breeze. Use bubble wrap, some paints, and a brush, and you’ve got a creative painting surface – if you can prevent yourself from popping the bubble wrap first, that is.


Spaghetti Sensory Play

Fun At Home With Kids

Take Baby’s love of dinnertime spaghetti to a whole new level with Spaghetti Sensory Play from Fun At Home With Kids. She can wriggle and smash her rainbow-colored pasta to her heart’s content.


Sensory Bead Bags

Meri Cherry

Plastic baggies, water beads, and food coloring are all you’ll need to make these addictively squishy Sensory Bead Bags from Meri Cherry.


Stamped Apple Art

Crafts by Courtney

She may be the apple of your eye, but you can also use this sweet fruit to make a fun Crafts by Courtney Apple Stamping Art craft, too. Let your little one hold half an apple dipped in paint, and stamp it onto paper. She’ll love seeing the designs she can create.


Colored Rice Art

Fun At Home With Kids

Using contact paper, your baby will have a blast scooping and dumping rice for a unique Colored Rice Art design from Fun At Home With Kids. Be sure to put a big piece of paper or sheet underneath her so that sweeping up the grains doesn’t grind on your nerves.


Ribbon Clouds

Meri Cherry

At once smushy and pretty, Meri Cherry’s Ribbon Clouds are fun to play with and visually appealing, too. They’re made from plastic bags, duct tape, ribbons, and the surprise ingredient: shaving cream.


Paper Plate Fruit

A Little Craft In Your Day

Celebrate summer by whipping up a Paper Plate Fruit project by A Little Craft In Your day to look like slices of orange, lemon, or lime. Dip your baby’s foot in non-toxic paint for an even cuter pattern you’ll want to take a bite out of.


DIY Scented Rainbow Bubbles

Handmade Charlotte

Bubbles and babies just go together like peas and carrots. Now you and your little one can make rainbow scented bubbles from Handmade Charlotte that smell like cinnamon (red), lemon (yellow), lilac (purple), and pink (grapefruit).


Cricut Cut Felt Princess Crown

30 Minute Crafts

She’s already royalty in your eyes, so give your baby girl the crown that she so rightly deserves. This cricut-cut felt princess crown from 30 Minute Crafts is made from felt, so it won’t scratch your queen’s cute little head.


Shaving Cream Clouds

Pink Stripey Socks

Give your babe a better bath time with this fun idea from Pink Stripey Socks. Using shaving cream and food coloring, you and your child can create shaving cream clouds that are fun to look at — and also smear on bathroom walls.


Thumbprint Keychain

Minted Strawberry

There’s nothing cuter than capturing your baby’s little fingerprints. Minted Strawberry’s idea for a thumbprint keychain will hopefully inspire you to never lose your keys again.


Confetti Bookmark

DIY Candy

Sure, your baby can’t read yet, but this colorful little confetti bookmark from DIY Candy can ensure that you won’t lose your place while reading her bedtime book.


Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Burlap and Blue

Now your little guy can channel his inner graffiti artist with this super simple DIY homemade sidewalk chalk recipe from Burlap and Blue.

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