After 10 years of Google’s messy hardware strategy, it looks like they finally got it right

Google’s Pixel series has always been in a bit of a tough spot. While it offered a “pure” version of Android that Google designed fully in-house, buying one often felt like buying the overpriced brand name Cheetos when the store brand tastes exactly the same. Similarly, it never felt like a Google Pixel Watch made sense in the diverse Wear OS smartwatch market where companies left and right have been vying for supremacy by offering dozens of different styles – all with almost identical functionality – each year.

Fast-forward to 2022, where the smartwatch market is as boring as ever and smartphones aren’t too far behind, sans maybe the best foldable phones if that sort of thing appeals to you, Google has never had it more together than it does right now. With Google’s RCS messaging finally being adopted by default by big players like Samsung and the incredibly strong portfolio we just saw announced at Google I / O 2022, this seems like the year that all of Google’s drawn-out hardware efforts could finally pay off.

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