Daily Authority: ๐ŸงŠ Keeping cool

๐Ÿ“ˆ Good morning! Keep reading for a good chart on TV interest after finales. Cooling down our hot chips Faster chips keep getting hotter. As transistor density increases in CPUs and GPUs and clock speeds get higher, they’re getting hotter too. It’s a simplification but it’s not wrong. Power consumption and heat generation are two … Read more

‘In this country, there are unrecorded, undiscovered textiles in every village and town’: Ritu Kumar

While many Indian fashion brands can be credited for putting Indian fashion on the global map, there are few who have given forgotten Indian textiles and crafts the respect and recognition they deserve on a global scale – The House of Ritu Kumar takes the title home. Helmed by the ‘matriarch of Indian fashion’, craft … Read more

Do Solar Lights Require Direct Sunlight?

By receiving direct sunlight, solar lights offer illumination. The solar panels absorb and convert the energy of the sun into power. When it receives more sunlight during the day, it can provide better illumination at night. It can provide illumination for almost 15 hours with full sunshine of 8 hours. However, without direct sunlight, they … Read more

Hey Siri Not Working On Your Iphone

As the virtual assistant of Apple, you can command Siri with your voice. To use Siri on your iPhone, you will have to consider compatibility. For iPhone models which were released before 2015, users have reported โ€œHey Siriโ€ not working. In fact, you may encounter problems even on iPhones that are released after 2015. Below … Read more

Samuels Public Library Adult Programming events for June – Royal Examiner

Newtown Heritage Festival logo personifies the festivals spirit. Stephens City is revving up for Memorial Day with two days of activities kicking off Friday, May 27th and Saturday May 28th. The 30th Newtown Heritage Festival is centered around the historic Newtown Wagon. In the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth centuries, Stephensburg became prosperous as … Read more