The Vital Role of Power Density in Electric Aircraft

This article is part of the Power Management Series: Delving Into Power Density Members can download this article in PDF format. What you’ll learn: Types of converters used in hybrid-electric propulsion systems for electric aircraft What is a starter generator? Powertrain options for more-electric-aircraft (MEA) designs. This article will take a deep dive into challenging, … Read more

Micron Momentum Faces Inflationary Headwinds

// php echo do_shortcode (‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’)?> Micron Technology execs discussed the company’s momentum at last week’s day of investor updates, unveiling plans to ramp up manufacturing of its sixth – generation 232 – layer flash by the end 2022, among other updates. Micron has spent the last few years attempting … Read more

A Peek into the Future of Industrial Communications

This article is part of TechXchange: Time for Time-Sensitive Networking What you’ll learn: How manufacturers can develop less complex and less expensive wireless communications that integrates with Wi-Fi, 5G, and single-pair Ethernet. How TSN enables digital manufacturing with deterministic communications. How to enhance smart-factory connectivity in the IIoT. The world of industrial communications is moving … Read more

Addressing the Global GPU Supply Landscape

// php echo do_shortcode (‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’)?> The invasion of Ukraine. Inflation. Covid. The price of gasoline and oil. The supply chain. Climate change. Those are some of the news topics driving today’s headlines domestically and abroad. While not as staggering, technology has had garnered a few headlines of late, particularly … Read more

AI Hardware That’s Tailored For Computer Vision

Neural networks, AI, ML, and neuromorphic computing are technologies that are actually ways to make machines behave more like humans! Similarly, computer vision focuses on imitating the complex human vision system and leveraging it in applications Computer vision is a type of artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is to make computers visualize and understand images … Read more

Racing Drones for Fun and Profit

What you’ll learn What’s up with the Drone Racing League. What is the difference between a racing drone and a regular drone? How Draganfly has developed a “safe and sustainable” drone solution. Drones are incredibly versatile. In addition to providing effective and sustainable solutions to a number of industries, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are also … Read more

New Physics Research Unlocks Fusion Energy

// php echo do_shortcode (‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’)?> EPFL (Swiss Plasma Center) scientists have recently rewritten the fundamental plasma law for fusion, revealing that more hydrogen may be safely employed in fusion reactors, which could result in increased energy production. Fusion physics is full of excellent opportunities. As part of the European … Read more

Record-breaking digitizers get next variant

The world’s first digitizers to use the full 16 lane PCIe interface (Gen 3) for massive data streaming generated huge interest in the technical media this March. The cards can stream acquired data over the bus at a staggering 12.8 GB / s, which is a transfer rate nearly twice as fast as any other … Read more

What’s So Exciting About Neuromorphic Computing

The human brain is the most efficient and powerful computer that exists. Even after decades and decades of technological advancements, no computer has managed to beat the brain with respect to efficiency, power consumption, and many other factors. Will neuromorphic computers be able to do it? The exact sequence of events that take place when … Read more

AI Accelerator Packs Extra Punch for Autonomous Robots

Qualcomm introduced a high-end hardware development kit called the Robotics RB6 Platform that can act as the brains of autonomous robots, industrial drones, and delivery robots. As artificial intelligence becomes a driving force for robots, so has the hardware under the hood powering it. Qualcomm said it upgraded the RB6 system with its Cloud AI … Read more