Craft-Addicted Wisconsin Woman Leaves Up Randy Sign For Zillow Ad

A lovely house in Onalaska, Wisconsin is getting a lot of attention after people noticed some of the interior decoration when it was listed on Zillow.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at this sign because we have a lot to get to with this house.

Here is the photo in question. – Poundtown – Poundtown


attachment-Untitled design (66)


attachment-Untitled design (67)

First of all, hilarious. Second of all, the owner of the house (and Poundtown sign), Lauren Hegenbarth, is totally cool with the world seeing their risqué décor.

Melmagazine – Our family has all seen it, and they think it’s hilarious. We all have the same sense of humor too, and my sister even put in an order for her own.

While the Poundtown sign is getting all the attention, there’s something else going on in Mrs. Hegenbarth’s home.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many “Live, Laugh, Love” type arts and crafts in any one house. Shiplap as far as the eye can see. Don’t get me wrong, the house is beautiful. I’d love to live there, but someone needed to show them this Progressive commercial before things got out of hand.

I did a little bit of investigative journalism and tried to tally up all the kitschy home décor in this Wisconsin home.

Let’s take a tour.

Living Room: – Living Room 1 – Living Room 1
  • A large cutout of an ampersand. There are a lot of ampersands throughout this house.
  • Gather Together sign
  • A “Blessed” sign. There’s at least one more of these.
  • A sign that possibly says “This Is Us?” I can’t really make it out.
  • A Welcome to our Beautiful Chaos sign.

Running total of kitschy items: 5 – Living Room 2 – Living Room 2
  • A Party of 5 sign
  • A sign with their last name and their wedding date written in script
  • Another sign I can’t make out that has something to do with “You, Me, and the Kids”

Running total of kitschy items: 8 – Living Room 3 – Living Room 3
  • Another ampersand cutout.
  • A Welcome to our crazy fun loud happy home sign. Might have been a package deal with the “Chaos” sign on the other wall.
  • A “gather” sign above the TV.

Running total of kitschy items: 11

Kitchen: – Kitchen 1 – Kitchen 1

NOTE: What is up with the super long microwave? These people are obviously doing well for themselves. Is there a rich person microwave that the plebs just haven’t discovered yet?

  • A pantry sign above what I’m assuming is the pantry.

Running total of kitschy items: 12 – Kitchen 2 – Kitchen 2
  • A large “EAT” sign. Appropriate for a kitchen.
  • The “This kitchen is for dancing” sign above the sink.

Running total of kitschy items: 14

Dining Room: – Dining Room – Dining Room
  • A tasteful “Work Hard and Be Nice To People” sign.

Running total of kitschy items: 15

Entrance: – Entry – Entry
  • A “Welcome” cutout above the wreath.
  • I’m also counting the ‘Our Nest “pillow in this report.

Running total of kitschy items: 17 – Entry 2 – Entry 2
  • A “Woof” basket filled with flowers.
  • The vertical “Welcome Home” sign.
  • A “We’re So Glad You’re Here” sign welcoming guests.

Running total of kitschy items: 20

Master Bedroom: – Poundtown – Poundtown
  • The infamous Poundtown sign. Why we’re all here.

Running total of kitschy items: 21 – Bedroom – Bedroom
  • A second “This is us” sign.
  • I don’t understand the “His Only” sign on the wall.
  • A fashionable 4-panel picture from their wedding.
  • That heart picture on the wall has to be made of song lyrics or some other bit of literature that means something to them.
  • You can see the bathroom sign that reads “Where There Are Imperfections There Is An Abundance Of Beauty” Something to think about.

Running total of kitschy items: 26

Mud Room? (I’m not sure what a mud room is) – Mudroom – Mudroom
  • Another Home Sweet Home sign.

Running total of kitschy items: 27

Kid’s Room: – Kids room – Kids room
  • The sign under the mounted unicorn head reads “She has fire in her soul and grace in her eyes.” Very inspirational.
  • A framed capital S
  • A framed capital A
  • A “You’re Amazing” sign on the bed stand.

Running total of kitschy items: 31 – Kinds room 2 – Kinds room 2
  • A “Nap, Build, destroy, Repeat” sign.
  • A “Be kind and Brave” sign
  • A large “L”
  • An “Adventure awaits” sign.
  • A picture that says “you are loved, for the boy you are, the man you will become, and the precious child you will always be” I made the last part of that up because the picture cut if off, but you get the gist .

Running total of kitschy items: 36

Guest Room: – Guest Room – Guest Room

Running total of kitschy items: 37 – Guest Room 2 – Guest Room 2
  • A cork board with a script “hello” in it.
  • A “Be our guest” sign directly in front of that.

Running total of kitschy items: 39 – Play room – Play room
  • The large “PLAY” sign
  • A “Let’s Eat” sign next to the play kitchen. Very cute.

Running total of kitschy items: 41 – Play Room 2 – Play Room 2
  • A “Keep Exploring” flag.
  • I’m counting that ruler.
  • Another sign that is cut off above the Starbucks play counter. I’m sure it’s inspirational.

Running total of kitschy items: 44

That’s 44 craft items that I found just going through their Zillow photos and I probably missed a few. Can you imagine what this place looked like during Christmas?

The Zillow ad doesn’t mention if the $ 420,000 asking price for the house includes any of the above items but I’m pretty sure you could work a deal.

If you see Mrs. Hegenbart at your local craftstore, make sure you ask her about Poundtown, I’m sure she’d love to talk to you about it.

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