DIY Hero finalist Amanda Van Den Elzen hopes to cash in on crocheting

Amanda Van Den Elzen of Seymour hopes to be the DIY Hero. The self-described hippie is accomplished at the art of crocheting and is known around the area for her crocheted tops featured at festivals.

The top prize in the contest, sponsored by Barnwood Living, is $ 25,000 and a two-page feature in Make: magazine.

“I founded Almightyemu Crafts in 2016 when I started selling crocheted hats and scarves via word of mouth and Facebook,” she said. “I expanded into local craft sales in the following years, hosting booths at places like the Greenville Lioness Craft Show and Rock the Dock Green Bay.”

At those sales, Van Den Elzen found that the most popular item she produced was a crocheted crop top. The top, featuring an open midriff, has what she calls a “Bohemian vibe,” and it is a style that “Good Morning America” ​​reported is making a comeback. At her booth, she models the top and generates a great deal of interest.

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