Easy Christmas Crafts To Do Now

‘Tis the season to entertain our children and we need some Christmas crafts to do that right now. Holiday break is upon us and now is the perfect time to do a holiday craft to display in your home until January. Children and teens love crafts and love even more to contribute to household festivities. It’s fun to be creative and see what our children will come up with too. Depending on the age of your child, crafts will vary but there is something for every age. Here are five Christmas crafts that you should do right now. You likely have the material you need on hand to do at least one. We hope you enjoy!

5 Melted Beaded Ornament

This cute craft is brought to us by One Little Project and looks magnificent but is really simple.

  • All you need are clear pony beads in an assortment of colors, Christmas-shaped cookie cutter ornaments, and fishing lines.

  • To decorate and make these ornaments layout the cookie cutters on a baking tray covered with aluminum foil.

  • You will be baking these in an oven or toaster oven.

  • Have your kids pick whatever Christmas shapes they want and they can place the beads in whatever order they want.

Allow them to get creative and make any design. Or you can just dump them in and see where they fall. Use a toothpick to flip them over onto the same side. If not, it will be bumpy, but that’s a personal choice.

  • Lightly melt in the oven until just melted. If they’re bubbling, it went for too long.

  • Allow to cool and gently remove.

  • Hang with fishing line and admire.

4 Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pinecones can be found around your neighborhood or at your local craft store.

  • Paint it dark green and let it dry.

  • Then trim the tree with more colored paint to make small ornaments or get even more creative.

  • Use beads, glitter, glitter glue, foam cutouts, homemade ornaments, and more to make a colorful Christmas tree worthy of display.

  • Don’t forget to cut out a big gold star for the top.

These little trees will look great on your coffee table or you can gift them to grandparents or other family members.

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3 Laced Ornaments

This craft is great for elementary-age kids who want something really hands-on to do. You will need chipboard or cereal boxes, red and green paint or red and green construction paper and scissors, a hole punch, red yarn, tape, cotton ball, glue, and sequins. The two shapes in this tutorial are a stocking and a Christmas tree. You can free draw these designs or use the template provided there.

  • Using chipboard or cereal boxes, cut out your shapes.

  • Make sure to cut out two.

  • Hole punch the whole perimeter except for the top.

  • Paint red or green or cover with paper and glue on.

  • Cut a long string of yarn and tie a knot in the end.

  • Sew the two sides together and tie off when you reach the other end.

  • Use glue and cotton balls to make a fuzzy top on the stocking.

  • Sequins are for more decoration.

2 Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House

These are super adorable! You’ll need craft popsicle sticks and an assortment of craft items for the candy decorations for your house. This craft does not use real candy but crafting items to look like candy. Directions from Studio DIY shares that puff paint for gumdrops, wooden beads, circle discs for peppermint, and paint is to be used for decorations.

  • You’ll need brown, red, green and any other color paint you want.

  • Any piece of scrap fabric can be used as a door.

  • You’ll need glue to attach everything and maybe some glitter from fun.

Start by making your house and painting it brown. Make sure to add a triangle top and fill it in with a popsicle stick cut to fill it in.

1 Accordion Christmas Tree

This craft is great for the smallest of kids and takes no time at all but they will need some help. Ok mom:

  • Gather green cardstock, a stapler, colorful cardstock for the ornaments, a trim and scoreboard (which is a tool to make even cuts), and a hot glue gun.

  • You can also use a circle punch and a star punch for the ornaments and the star on the top of the tree.

According to White House Crafts, the paper needs to be fixed to 4.5inx7in, and then scored every 1/2 inch.

  • Fold the paper lengthwise and fold like an accordion.

  • Pinch one end and staple the very top into a point.

  • Make circle ornaments and a star from more paper. Or use the hole punchers if you have them.

  • Now, hot glue the paper ornaments and star to the tree and that’s it.

Source: One Little Project, White House Crafts, DIY Studio

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