Engaging art and craft projects to make the best out of leisure time

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We have created a list of engaging art and craft projects for this summer for your kids to keep them entertained throughout the long summer afternoons and have them hanker after brushes, colorful papers, crayons, glue sticks, etc., instead of phones and video games .

Best of all, crafts will spark creativity in your kids while curing summer boredom. So, let’s get started with some easy DIY Engaging Art And Craft Projects in 2021.

1. Kool-Air DIY lip gloss

Why run through lip glosses every now and then? Make enough batches for yourself while indulging in a fun DIY session. Take a cup of Vaseline or coconut oil in a microwavable bowl and heat it until you feel that it could be just stirred. Do not let it turn into a liquid. Stir it for about 30 seconds, sprinkle some Kool-Aid, and stir again. Transfer into an airtight container and enjoy the magic.

2. Toilet roll crafts

How about turning a toilet roll into a Hula girl instead of recklessly throwing it away? You can also give her a Mermail companion if you want. This colorful craft will make your entire room vibrant and get you in the mood for summer, sun, surf, and sand every time you glance at this cute DIY craft. You’ll be needing some colorful papers, glue, and a black marker to bring this unique project into action.

3. Create a gallery wall

Convert a dull wall into a unique picture gallery and infuse as many colors & prints you want to usher life into your space. A DIY gallery wall is an amazing way to take up those empty spaces in the walls and feel inhabited in your cozy room. You can reflect your personality through the type of prints and pictures that you choose to put up on your walls. Macy’s has some really cool picture frames in a plethora of options to choose from at affordable prices.

4. Fabric storage bins

This one is not for your kids. It’s a fun summer project for you. Every house needs a bin, or two, or four. Make nice, sturdy, colorful bins with handles. All you’ll need is some fabric, stabilizer, felt, and material for the handles. You’ll find a plethora of videos online on DIY Fabric Storage Bins. These make really thoughtful and personalized gifts as well.

5. Grow wheatgrass in cute pots for home decor

Bring spring climate to your home by growing one of the easiest greens “wheatgrass” in pretty containers. With very few items, you can have within a few days, your very own bowl of adorable wheatgrass. Simply take a little bit of dirt / soil in a container and then, put a thick layer of wheat berries. Then, generously wet it down for the seeds to germinate pretty well. Lastly, cover the container with a plastic wrap to allow the seed to stay moist and warm. That’s it! Watch your seeds come to life within a few days.

6. Weaving projects

Your little ones will enjoy weaving just as much as you do. You will be stoked by their visions and plans once they get a hold of the process. From looms to tiny mats, there’s so much you can do with those colorful yarns. There are tons of weaving tutorials and projects online, feel free to pick the easiest one as you get started. Generally for projects like these you’ll be needing- an exacto knife, ruler, yarns, masking tape, and twigs. All of these could easily be found at a Macy’s near you. So, shop for the essentials and get started right away.

7. Dreamcatchers

The night air is filled with good and bad dreams. The Native Americans firmly believe good dreams know how to pass through a dreamcatcher, and the bad dream does not. So, our bad dreams end up tangling in the dream catcher and eventually perish with the first light of the day. So, a DIY dreamcatcher would be a perfect summer craft, what do you think? It’s a slightly lengthy project, which means you are happily occupied for almost 2-3 settings!

8. Washi tape leaves

This fun project demands very less supplies- Just a wash tape, a leaf, and a pair of scissors. You’ll easily get washi tapes at Macy’s or Hobby Lobby. If you’ve Amazon Prime, go ahead and order from Amazon with zero shipping fee. So make a wash tape leaf, you just take a leaf and cover it with different colored washi tapes in straight lines. It’s truly a craft for all ages. Kids love making washi tape leaves and they do a better job than the elders.

Must-have art & craft supplies

Here are some must-have supplies for crafter kids, teens, and adults for times when their inner creative bug strikes. Besides, having colorful and cute bottles and boxes of craft essentials is always so satisfying, isn’t it?

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors / blades / paper-cutter
  • Cutting Mat & Rulers
  • Paints & Pain Brushes
  • A sewing machine
  • Ribbons & Washi Tapes
  • Scrapbook papers
  • Mod Podge / glue / adhesives
  • Color mediums

These were some, if not all the items that should never go out of stock for anyone who loves art and craft. We always hit Macy’s to satiate our glutton for craft supplies because it is super inexpensive and stocks almost everything one will ever need for creating magic.

Why is art and craft important for your kid?

Art, crafts, and games are always taken away from those extra classes and revisions because these activities don’t get as much importance as a maths or science class.

Here is why art & craft is so important for kids:

  • Cutting papers, drawing carefully within the boundaries, drawing different shapes helps to develop fine motor skills in the child. This is how kids learn to button their shirts, to write, or to eat.
  • Kids gradually learn how to build something
  • Kids also develop bilateral coordination skill that help them use both their hands in performing various activities in daily life
  • They learn while playing
  • Indulging in craft work is always a better alternative to watching TV
  • Art And Craft also boosts a child’s self-esteem.

Wrapping up

So, keep your munchkins active and learning this summer and delight yourself as they indulge in these productive art and craft projects.

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