How Is Mold Bad For Human Health?

Poorly ventilated areas can lead to mold. It can be in any environment, particularly in damp spots. However, mold exposure can trigger various types of health conditions. It can lead to allergic conditions, cough, sneezing, nasal congestion, and respiratory infections. When there is repeated exposure, the sensitivity of a person can be affected which can lead to other health disorders. We shall now discuss how to prevent mold in your window air conditioner.

How To Stop Mold Growth In Window Air Conditioner?

Here are all the different ways to prevent mold growth in windowed AC.

1. Toggle On The Humidity Control:

The major cause of mold is due to humidity. High humidity can automatically lead to mold growth. It is important to check the humidity level to prevent mess. Unfortunately, not all the window air conditioner come with the feature of humidity control.

You will have to see if the AC unit comes with a humidity setting. If you happen to find one, turn it on and make sure the humidity level is 30 to 50%. This humidity level prevents mold growth and makes sure you stay comfortable. When the humidity level exceeds 60%, there will be humid air and it will also encourage mold growth.

2. Keep The AC Unit On:

To prevent mold, you must run the window air conditioner frequently. When you let the unit sit idle for extended periods, it will provide a perfect breeding ground for mold. It primarily happens as there will be no airflow and the temperature rises thereby increasing moisture.

To prevent this, you can turn on the air conditioner in a low setting rather than turning it off completely. Some units come with the feature of auto mode. These models will turn off the temperature after it reaches the desired temperature. It will then turn back automatically once the temperature goes down. This option not only prevents mold but also reduces the cost of energy bills.

3. Keep The Unit Free Of Dust:

You must know that when there is dust, the likelihood of mold is very high. When your air conditioner is dusty, there will be an increased chance of mold growth. Not only outside, but it can also settle on the inside.

You must always keep the AC unit free from dust. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Clean carefully so that you don’t miss the crevices and cracks. Also, clean the front cover and the filter. However, you must do it carefully so that there will be no damage to the filter.

4. Deep Clean The Unit When Necessary:

Apart from moisture and dust, what contributes to mold formation is dirt. Even grime can lead to mold in a quick time. An ideal way to prevent this will be by giving a thorough clean to your air conditioner. By deep cleaning the unit including the filter, you can get rid of dirt.

While performing this task, you will have to turn off the air conditioner unit. Try to make a cleaning solution by using dish soap and water. A simple way will be to place the filter under the running water. You will have to wipe down the inside by using a soft cloth. Once done, you can put the unit together by reassembling the parts.

5. Spray Your AC With A White Vinegar Mixture:

One of the best ways to prevent mold growth will be by using a mixture of white vinegar. It not only helps to get rid of mold but also prevents its development. However, make sure you turn off the unit while performing.

What you will have to do is to mix one part of white vinegar along with water and use a spray bottle. You will have to mist the AC unit with the mixture to prevent mold. Try to dry it or wipe it with a cloth before you intend to turn on the power again.

How Does Mold Grow In Windowed AC?

One of the major constituents that lead to mold growth is moisture. A damp environment leads to mold which can affect your health. Water spills and leaks can lead to moisture. Even dust in the AC becomes the most preferable food source of mold. When you turn off the air conditioner while you are out, these settle inside the unit and provide a perfect breeding ground for mold.

As your conditioner draws moisture out of the air, it leads to mold formation. You will have to note that the reproduction of mold is through spores. These spores are not visible to the human eye and are carried through the air. You should never run an air conditioner that has mold inside it.

Why Should You Prevent Mold Growth?

  • Mold Can Make You Sick: Mold prevention is very important as it can affect your health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can lead to eye problems, shortness of breath, fever, wheezing, and congestion. However, it can happen depending upon the health of an individual. It can even lead to serious health disorders.
  • AC Units Spread Mold Efficiently Through Your Home:No matter where ever you are, mold can be very dangerous. If your AC has mold, the chances of increasing mold to other spaces will be very high. The AC will blow over the house and it will spread mold thereby risking your family’s health.
  • Mold Is Difficult To Eradicate:If there is mold in your home AC, it will stay there. Window AC units that have mold need to be replaced. When you witness black mold spots, cleaning the AC will not help.


Mold on your window AC can lead to a serious threat to your health. Not only are you going to risk yourself, but your entire family. Confirm if your window AC has mold and give a thorough cleaning to the unit. When you clean the AC, the chances of mold spreading will be reduced.

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