How to prepare your Google account for when you pass away

It’s not something we like to talk or even think about, but we’re all going to die one day. I sincerely hope that day is far off for all of us and the time between now and then is filled with happy memories, but when it does happen your friends and family probably aren’t going to think about your Google account and all the personal information you have stored there. It might seem trivial to some, but for others, it’s important that this all be given to someone who can take care of it all responsibly.

Your Google account holds more than just your search history. You may have active credit information or even funds in Google Pay; Google Photos will likely be filled with memories your friends and family will want to see, or you might have important documents in Google Drive. Any information about you will be important to those you leave behind and letting it sit idle forever on a server isn’t the answer. Thankfully, Google has a simple service that lets you decide what happens to everything about you the company has once your account becomes inactive.

Hand your data to a trustee through Google

Source: Jerry Hildenbrand (Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand)

You don’t have to set up instructions about what Google is to do with your data after you die, and a family member can get some information from Google, including everything that’s yours in services like Drive or Photos. Your next of kin will need to contact Google about your account and let them know you are deceased. Proof of death will be required and they won’t have access to your account; they will only get specific items.

Your next of kin can get some of your account data directly from Google with proper documentation.

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