Milwaukee Childcare Collective supports economic and racial equity

About five years ago, Dalvery Blackwell, president and founder of the African American Breastfeeding Network, heard someone at a meeting mention the Milwaukee Childcare Collective – a group of volunteers who provide child care services to organizations that advocate for racial and socioeconomic justice.

The African American Breastfeeding Network often has meetings and events where staff educate people on the importance of breastfeeding. The organization – which is heavily involved in the mission to decrease the Black maternal and infant mortality rate – also trains birth doulas to support people of color through their pregnancies and births, and often holds events like their annual Lift Up Every Baby celebration.

“All my staff have children under 8 years old. The doulas are of child-bearing age, and many of them have very young children,” Blackwell said. “When I heard about the mission of the Milwaukee Childcare Collective, I thought, ‘we need them now!'”

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