ADMISSIONS / DEATH: Several new faces were welcomed to the Home the week of April 24. Bev Koehler from Benson was admitted to room west 4 on the 27th. In addition, Clancy and Nancy Castle of Metamora arrived that day and were shown to room west 6. Ben Roberts from Eureka resides in room west 18 as of April 29. After working as a nurse at the Home for most of her career and then being a faithful volunteer for many years before becoming a resident in November 2019, Mary Ann Schlupp passed away on April 23. She will certainly be missed, and staff extended their deepest sympathy to her family.

April 25 was National Mani-Pedi Day with staff activity going around to all the ladies during Relax & Revive, asking if they would like either one done. Many of the residents loved getting pampered and said yes to getting manicures done. While waiting for lunch to be served, volunteer Kathy Wiegand played the piano. Thank you, Kathy, for doing Dining Room Melodies. That afternoon residents were greeted with wagging tails and wet noses during Woof Dog Visits. This is a volunteer organization of animal lovers who want to share their registered therapy dogs with others. The residents loved petting them and giving them treats.! Thank you, Woof Therapy Dogs, for coming and cheering everyone up.

Tuesday morning many gathered in the activity room to create a spring chick during Crafts. A dab of yellow paint was put on a piece of paper. Using a plastic fork, the artists spread the paint out to make it look like chick feathers. A couple googly eyes, an orange triangle felt beak, and some little legs & feet made them all turn out great! In the afternoon for Popcorn Pop-in, everyone settled in to get the fresh snack delivered to their room while watching a movie on activity channel 2.

Balloon Volleyball on Wednesday morning got everyone’s blood pumping in the activity room. There were 2 teams trying to keep the balloon on the opposite side of the net. It was fun watching their determination to do so. Before lunch, all the residents were blessed to hear the talent of volunteer Linda Hodel perform on the piano. Thank you, Linda, for coming in to tinkle the ivories. The afternoon had the gals getting together for Ladies Lounge. They were served garden picked carrots and peppers to dip in ranch dressing while visiting about the weather, their families, and more.

It was National Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day on the 28th so the morning started out with Chatting With Children. The kids ranged in ages from as young as one-year-old to age 6 years, entertaining those residents who were in the lobby. Some of the older children helped residents put together the puzzle while others went around to residents’ rooms to chat a little. The bird aviary drew a lot of attention with both the young and old and everyone in-between fascinated with the many baby birds that hatched already this spring. BINGO was held that afternoon which was even more fun with kids involved. The residents loved having a variety of kids to watch and interact with throughout the day. It certainly brought many smiles to both old and young.

Friday started with Morning Inspirations over the intercom. Many residents and staff thoroughly enjoy getting their minds focused on positive thoughts with a Bible reading or other inspirational reading. It was followed by Step Back in Time with the group participating thinking back in their younger years to an event or special memory to share. One resident shared how he started his own business with his wife and it was such a blessing almost 40 years later when he sold it. So many memories were made in that length of time. For National Bugs Bunny Day on the 29th, it was a funny marathon of “Bugs Bunny Classic Cartoons” all afternoon on activity channel 2.

HOME’S WEBSITE: Check out the beautiful May Activity Calendar on the Home’s website at to see all the fun stuff going on for residents. Using the Services tab at the top of the homepage, click on “Activities” in the dropdown menu. Family and friends are always welcome to accompany their loved one at activities to have something to do when visiting or simply be together with others who are attending that activity. Also, notice the employment tab to see the current staffing needs that are listed here. Please consider serving those who can no longer be in their own homes by working at the nursing home. Any questions, call Heather in H / R at 923-2071 ext. 114.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: The nursing home is accepting employment applications, which are available in person MF 8-4: 30 at the business office or online at the Home’s website at under the employment tab. In addition, the current staffing needs are listed on this webpage. Any questions, call Heather in H / R at 923-2071 ext. 114. Nurse and CNA pay are extremely competitive.

VISITORS: For those wanting to come inside to see a loved one in the nursing home, please use the main entrance under the beautiful new carport. A self-screening station for coming into the Home is located right inside the door to the lobby. Contact information for tracing, current temperature, etc. are required by the State on this form. In addition, remember a mask MUST be worn the entire time inside the nursing home. The Home’s current Visitation Policy is available online on the homepage of the Home’s website at but please be aware this policy is subject to change at any time. Whether a visitor is family who come regularly or a close friend who visits often or a loved one whom they haven’t seen for months or even years with the COVID restrictions, it’s truly rewarding to see the joy in a resident when they have a visitor .

VOLUNTEERS: Thank you to those who have given of their time at the Home and elsewhere on our campus recently. Those who assisted in the activity department with the live church services on Sunday mornings, helped with BINGO, played the piano for Dining Room Melodies, filled Easter eggs for Friday’s Children’s Party, drove the handicapped van / bus for resident appointments, picked up the mail , and more are all greatly appreciated. For others who are interested in volunteering at the facility, there are many different opportunities at the Home to help, but remember that an online CMS infection control program is required by the State for all volunteers. If you’ve not already completed this mandated requirement for becoming a volunteer at a nursing home, please contact Heather Simmons at 923-2071 ext. 114 for assistance. There’s a convenient volunteering opportunities online sign up to choose which specific activity you’d like to help. It’s or for more general information on volunteering, please contact Activity Director Jenna Sizemore ext. 170.

NEW ONLINE CNA CLASS: Congratulations to the 5 graduates — Savannah Beer, Kayti Barhum, Jenna Sizemore, Gia Vidito, and Samantha Zerfass — from the first online CNA class at the Roanoke nursing home! They all passed their Skills Evaluation on March 23 after wrapping up their clinicals on the floor the prior week. Their last step to earn their Certified Nursing Assistant certification is to take the Illinois Nurse Aide Testing Exam, which is scheduled for mid-April. Discussions continue for another potential online CNA class. To get your name on the waiting list for this very convenient way to earn your CNA license, please contact Heather Simmons in human resources at 923-2071 ext. 114.

VICTORY HOME CARE SERVICES: This home health agency continues to grow and expand, now in Woodford, Tazewell, and Marshall counties. Victory Home Care is currently accepting new clients, especially in Woodford and Marshall counties and specifically in the Minonk area. Anyone who needs a little assistance in their own familiar surroundings with a variety of tasks is encouraged to contact facility manager Holly Gerdes at 309-306-2429 or checkout their website at for more information.

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