Runnels County events draw thousands over the weekend

RUNNELS COUNTY – Ballinger’s 47th annual Texas Festival of Ethnic Cultures Arts and Crafts was a return to normalcy after 2-years of Covid fears fueled organizers of events across the state to cancel in 2021. This year, Ballinger returned with a bang, and not just figuratively.

Ballinger Ethnic Fest

There was an Old West showdown betwixt cowboys with a score to settle on the lawn courthouse, y’all. County Judge Julia Miller and her dog were on a jail float during the parade. Miller and county jail administrator Kimberly Dunn are raising funds for the 1925 Runnels County Jail project to restore the historic building.

Catfish were being caught hand-over-fist, usually with the kids catching the fish and the game wardens grabbing the line with their fist to unhook the creatures. Then, it was time to re-bait hooks and catch some more! There were around 100 catfish in the tank that Texas Parks & Wildlife brought out to introduce young and old alike to fishing. After the festival, the fish were donated to the Runnels County Film Festival for their July fish fry.

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