The best new TV shows to stream this week on Netflix, Hulu, and more

This week we have eight new shows to talk about and stream for the long Easter weekend. We are getting a reboot of one of the biggest reality shows of all time, a science fiction-horror-modern Western series, and a show about a fictional political scandal. We are also getting a mockumentary comedy series, a female-centric anthology show, a look at three wives of former US presidents, a show hosted by a former president, and finally, an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Best new streaming TV shows this week

The Kardashians Season One (Hulu)

the kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians became one of the biggest reality shows of all time. Over its 20 seasons, it turned the members of the extended Kardashian-Jenner family into household names, as their fans watched the ups and downs of this wealthy and glamorous group. In 2021, the last episode of the show aired on the E! network, but as it turned out, that was a bit misleading. Hulu signed the family up and relaunched the series this week on the streaming service with the cut-down title The Kardashians.

Other than the title and where audiences can watch it, the show will be the same as before. We will get to see the lives of sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian, along with their mother Kris Jenner and their half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as they navigate through various trials and challenges.

For Kim, that means dealing with the divorce from her second husband, pop artist Kanye West, and her new relationship with Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davison. We will also see Kourtney’s relationship with musician Travis Barker, which reportedly went up to an “unofficial” marriage status in Las Vegas earlier this month.

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Outer Range Season One (Amazon Prime Video)

Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott in a foggy field in Outer Range - new on amazon prime video in april

Outer Range on Amazon Prime Video might be for you if you are a fan of the modern hit Western series Yellowstone, but feel that the show doesn’t have enough horror or sci-fi elements. Josh Brolin stars as a rancher in Wyoming who discovers a mysterious black void that appears in the ground of one of his fields. There’s also a rival rancher, played by Will Patton, who wants to take over Brolin’s land. It sounds weird, but hopefully, all of this will come together in an entertaining series.

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Amazon Prime Video

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Anatomy of a Scandal Season One (Netflix)

anatomy of a scandal

This new Netflix / BBC co-production is based on the novel by Sarah Vaughn. A married member of the UK Parliament (Rupert Friend) is accused of having sex with a younger co-worker. His wife (Sienna Miller) stands by her husband at first, but then the co-worker says he raped her. A legal case is brought against him, and that’s when all of the twists and turns in the show’s plot start. Downtown Abbey’s Michelle Dockery is also in the show as the prosecuting barrister.

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Hard Cell Season One (Netflix)

hard cell

Here’s another UK import on Netflix, but this series is played for laughs. Catherine Tate, best known in the US for her roles in Doctor Who and The Office, co-wrote, directed, and stars (in several different roles) in this mockumentary about life inside a woman’s prison.

Our Great National Parks Season One (Netflix)

great national parks

This documentary series on Netflix is ​​hosted by the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Doing his best to emulate Sir Richard Attenborough, he narrates the five-episode series, which tours several national parks worldwide, from Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in California.

Roar Season One (Apple TV Plus)

roar apple tv plus

This eight-episode anthology series on Apple TV Plus has some fantasy and sci-fi elements to it. Each episode is supposed to be based on a typical female trope but extends it much further than usual. For example, there’s an episode about a woman who feels she is not seen by others, who later becomes invisible.

This show has a truly all-star cast, led by Nicole Kidman, an executive producer on the show. It also features Issa Rae, Cynthia Erivo, Merritt Wever, Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Nick Kroll, Judy Davis, Alfred Molina, Daniel Dae Kim, Jake Johnson, and many more.

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Apple TV Plus

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The First Lady Season One (Showtime)

the first lady

Here’s another women-themed anthology series that’s more historical in nature. Showtime’s newest series is all about the lives of three famous First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson), Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer), and Michelle Obama (Viola Davis). The seven-episode series weaves all three women’s storylines into each episode as they deal with their husbands and their own personal issues.

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Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Season One (BritBox)

why didnt they ask evans

This BritBox three-part mini-series is based on a murder mystery novel by Agatha Christie. House’s Hugh Laurie wrote this TV adaptation, directed it, and appears in a supporting role. The period piece is set in Wales in the 1930s, where a young man named Bobby Jones (Will Poulter) finds a man lying on a golf course.

The man soon dies but not before uttering his last words: “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” With some help from a friend (Lucy Boynton), Jones decided to solve this strange mystery. The series also stars Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent.

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BritBox is a streaming service formed by the BBC and ITV networks that offers UK-based TV shows, soap operas and more.

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If you missed last week’s column, here’s another look at the best new streaming TV shows that we picked for you to binge-watch.

Tokyo Vice Season One (HBO Max)

Two Tokyo Vice characters, one standing and one leaning against a vehicle, with a blue and white bus in the background.

Tokyo Vice is one of the most long-awaited HBO Max original series. Set in the late 1990s, the series is based on the book of the same name by journalist Jake Adelstein. Ansel Elgort plays Adelstein, who moves to Japan to learn more about the country in general, and the Japanese Yakuza crime gangs in particular. Ken Watanabe plays a detective in Tokyo who Adelstein befriends.

The first episode was directed by Michael Mann, who also directed the pilot episode for the crime TV show classic, Miami Vice. The other installments in the eight-episode first season were directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, who also directed Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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Elite Season Five (Netflix)

The cast of Netflix's Elite.

One of the most popular shows internationally on Netflix is ​​Elite, and now the fifth season is debuting on the service this week. The show is set in Spain in a high-end private school, and tells the many tales of the school’s students. You can expect drama, fights, and even murder in the many seasons of this show. It’s so popular that Netflix has already commissioned a sixth season of the series.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story Season One (Netflix)

jimmy savile netflix

Jimmy Savile was one of the most well-known British TV personalities in history. He hosted many popular shows, including the children’s series Jim’ll Fix It. He passed away in 2011, but shortly afterward, reports of his much darker side finally came to light. Savile used his fame to sexually abuse hundreds of people during his career, including children. This Netflix docuseries shows how Savile could get away with these horrific crimes for decades.

iCarly Season Two (Paramount Plus)

icarly season 2

One of the biggest hits in the first year of Paramount Plus was the revival of iCarly, the hit kids-themed Nickelodeon sitcom. The revival showed Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) all grown up but still wanting to become an internet-based star. The second season will continue to show Carly expanding her internet-influencing empire with the help of her big brother and her friends.

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Paramount Plus

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Woke Season Two (Hulu)

woke season 2

Lamorne Morris (New Girl) returns as the star of this Hulu comedy series for its second season. He plays Keef, a cartoonist that expresses activist themes in his artwork. The second season shows how his work is making him increasingly famous, but there’s a price to be paid for his higher visibility. Oh, and he sometimes chats with inanimate objects like wine bottles and trash cans.

The Hardy Boys Season Two (Hulu)

The Hardy Boys season 2

The latest TV incarnation of the popular teen boys mystery book series is back with a second season on Hulu. Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are once again solving cases, and in the second season, they are trying to figure out what happened to a local teenager who has gone missing in their small town. The boys also have to deal with a new mysterious corporation that has moved into town.

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