TheSoul Publishing’s Re-onboarding Program Energizes and Aligns Employees in 70 Countries

Changes in the organizational setting are essential to keep up with the dynamic market. Most positive changes allow companies to progress by uncovering and addressing the current needs of the market they serve. Although change is necessary, sometimes it causes problems if team members are left behind. A new professional development program that is catching fire with more companies like TheSoul Publishing ensures every employee feels up to date and is never left in the wake of a fast-growing organization’s necessity for change. It’s called re-onboarding.

What Is Re-onboarding?

Traditional onboarding is a tool utilized in many professional settings to help new employees understand an organization’s culture and goals. It helps to familiarize them with their new surroundings for quicker integration and performance quality.

In The Keys to Managing a Successful Global Remote TeamAleksandra Sulimko, CHRO at TheSoul Publishing, notes that “It is definitely important to give employees a process and structure. This allows individuals to organize their working day themselves with a high degree of personal responsibility. People are fundamentally motivated to do good work, and this doesn’t really change in a remote work environment. ”

To offer up another tool to provide the structure employees need, TheSoul Publishing has recently taken to using a new process called re-onboarding. Technically similar to an initial onboarding, re-onboarding focuses on engaging current employees and introducing them to recent company updates they need to know. The process introduces all employees to enhanced company goals and any shifts in policy that might affect how they work on the daily. Keeping all employees on the same page can improve productivity, and speed up the organization’s overall growth.

TheSoul Publishing has successfully implemented re-onboarding as a recurring measure for employees of all levels within their organization. At TheSoul, the program helps employees to engage and invest in evolving company culture. HR leaders also ensure that every employee understands how the changes should be applied in daily operational tasks.

The re-onboarding process helps the company adopt updated capabilities that fit with the modern professional world.

TheSoul Publishing’s re-onboarding process involves several functionalities, including:

Highlighting TheSoul Publishing’s communications model

TheSoul Publishing understands the need to re-onboard its employees since the vast majority work remotely. They live in 70 different countries all over the world, and many have been working from home since their first day on the job. Remote working has many advantages for the employees, but many still did not understand its efficiencies as a new concept.

The main speed bump companies that predominantly utilize a work-from-home culture encounter is employee communication. To combat the potential for communication breakdown, TheSoul Publishing relies on asynchronous communication.

Asynchronous communication

Asynchronous communication refers to two (or more) people communicating without the requirement of an immediate response. Tools that are used in everyday life already facilitate this type of conversation. For example, one may communicate asynchronously via email, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp, or by using project management tools.

Victor Potrel, Vice President of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing and a Forbes Council Member, wrote in an article in Forbes Magazine titled How To Replace Meetings And Emails With Asynchronous Communications Tools, “I’ve found that asynchronous communication can significantly boost collaboration and productivity. When you take away the expectation of an immediate response, employees who rely on a last-minute surge of activity to get a task over the line are likely to come unstuck. By aligning as a team at the start of a project and having clear deliverables, you can make sure everyone knows exactly what they need to provide and when. How they go about it should be up to them. ”

The company had to find a way to improve communication for all parties involved. To sort this out, TheSoul opted to leverage multiple communication software programs to allow employees to conveniently send and receive tasks and information in their own time.

One part of the re-onboarding process at TheSoul Publishing might entail introducing existing employees to updated or new features within the software that the company wants to utilize to promote efficiency.

Preparing the right program

The focus of TheSoul Publishing‘s re-onboarding program is the company’s culture and the digital tools used to communicate. It is important to leadership to offer re-onboarders fresh knowledge that helps employees feel more a part of the organization, and not as if they are simply repeating their original onboarding all over again.

TheSoul Publishing’s HR team decided to use a multi-departmental approach to improve the re-onboarding experience. By also involving the Finance, IT, and Marketing departments in the process, the training can speak to everyone and have a greater impact on a wider audience at the company.

The program’s success also had to be proven on a smaller team before being applied to the larger organization. As a result, the company first used the senior leadership team for its pilot program before advancing to the other employees.

Developing smart, immersive programming can make a huge difference in the re-onboarding process. It ensures efficient delivery of the information, but it also encourages participation from your team and aids in the digestion of the new material. The program avoids long reads and instead leverages examples as to how these beliefs will enhance everyday working situations. This emphasizes understanding in the re-onboarding message while also promoting real participation.

Integrating employee feedback

The re-onboarding process can be quite time-consuming, so it requires commitment from all parties to ensure success. Communication in the learning process is essential to create a connection and establish progress. As a result, communication cannot be one-sided and requires employee feedback.

An employee’s response to the changes and updates within an organization is an integral part of the process. The reaction or response allows the organization the proper feedback on the process to streamline and focus the re-onboarding process. Employee feedback allows an HR department to adjust components of the program that may need more focus or to simply remove information that is repetitive.

For TheSoul Publishing, one feedback involved employees expressing displeasure with the additional hours they had to allot for re-onboarding. The company viewed this positively as honest criticism, for which they made adequate adjustments. TheSoul HR did not necessarily minimize the time but reset expectations and explained that the benefits would dwarf the time spent on the process. The result was increased employee engagement and efficiency with new technology, solving a huge pain point for the company.

In the end, TheSoul Publishing found previously ineligible employees asking for the re-onboarding training after hearing of its merits from colleagues. An improved overview of the company meant that employees could more easily engage with the workplace software and general functions implemented by the team.

Making the Re-onboarding Functional Process

Re-onboarding significantly boosts productivity and collaboration among employees to help achieve company objectives. The main aim is to align the team with updates in functionality that can help the company grow. The outcome of the re-onboarding process, if successfully handled, is to bring everyone together to the same page.

TheSoul Publishing re-onboarding exercise allows the employees to stay up to date on the evolving company policy and processes. The essential component is communication, an area in which TheSoul Publishing excels by creating new, engaging re-onboarding content, and listening to the feedback of the employees to help perfect and streamline the training.

Aleksandra Sulimko reminds everyone in an article entitled Why re-onboarding your workers may be just what your company needs in Fast Company, “For companies that want to introduce re-onboarding to their workforce, this shouldn’t be considered a one-time event. Cementing employees’ understanding of your company culture is an ongoing exercise — and one that continues to evolve — with re-onboarding being a key pillar within this process. ”

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Some of TheSoul Publishing’s accolades include being recognized as the ‘Digital Studio of the Year’ at the 2021 Digiday Video & TV Awards, winning the 2021 Drum Award for Best Use of Pinterest, being nominated for a 2021 Webby Award for 5-Minute Crafts, being recognized as the Best Brand Engagement at the 2020 Streamy Awards, being nominated for two 2021 Shorty Awards (Best YouTube presence, Best Community Engagement), and being nominated as the Video Team of the Year.

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