Trending Fall Crafts To Get Your Tweens Off Their Phones

With a new season upon us, it’s time to embrace leaves, the colors brown and orange, cozy sweaters, baked goods, hot drinks, and everything there is to love about fall. A new season of crafts is also upon us and fall crafts are an adorable addition to any home. While the seasons change, one thing that stays the same all year is that tweens will love to waste a lot of time on their phones and we’re always trying to stop them.

All that time on their phones can be spent in more productive ways and doing a fall craft should get their attention. The key word here is should, we can’t guarantee your tween will happily start these crafts, but by the end the may crack a smile. These kids are getting older and tweens can handle some higher-skilled level art projects. For those crafty moms, it must be fun to upgrade the art done at home. Country Living always has lists and lists of crafts if you like these. These 6 fall crafts are fun, cute, seasonal and will get you tween off of their phone.

6 Halloween Candy Wreath

A cute themed wreath is a perfect decoration for any holiday and this one is perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday, and candy-loving tweens. At any craft store, get a 12in-16in diameter foam wreath. Spray paint the wreath orange or purple. Or you can wrap colored tulle around it or leave it as is. Collect enough candy to fill in the whole wreath. You can get whatever you want but candy that’s small and similar coloring in wrapping will have the best aesthetic. Arrange the candy in a neat pattern around the circle and use a hot glue gun to attach.

5 Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Tween girls love home spa treatments and this DIY scrub will leave their skin (and yours) smelling like a cookie. For this craft, all you need is three simple ingredients: one cup of brown sugar, 1/2 cup virgin olive oil, and six drops of vanilla essential oil. Mix these the three ingredients together in a small bowl and store in a half-pint mason jar. Finish off the jar with a brown, white, or any other color ribbon of your choice. Tie in a bow and voila, a cute DIY spa treatment. To use the scrub, spread it over hands and skin in small layers and massage in. The olive oil will hydrate your skin and the brown sugar will exfoliate dead skin. Rinse off with warm water and you’re all done.

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4 A Leaf Silhouette

The autumn season begins with the leaves changing colors from green to brown. This project will be simple for tweens yet will create a beautiful picture that can be done in a few ways. To start, you will need white card stock paper or even construction paper. This fall craft for tweens will be best done with yarn or washi tape. Washi tape is a decorative tape made from Japanese shrubs. It comes in an assortment of patterns and can be found in any craft store. There is a tutorial fully explaining all the steps but it is really simple. Make large cut out of a maple leaf with the paper. With a second piece of paper, tweens decorate the center of the paper with glued-down strips of yarn or patterned washi tape. Place the maple leaf cut out over the design for a professional look.

3 Personalized Stenciled Mugs

Tweens aren’t quit drinking coffee but they can enjoy a hot coffee in a mug that’s all decked out for autumn. For this crafty, you’ll be using an adhesive stencil and a plain white coffee mug. You need glass paint, fall / autumn / Halloween self-adhesive stencils, paint daubers and a paintbrush. This one will take some skill but your tweens can do it. Have your tweens take the stencils of their choice and attack to the mug. You then paint in the stencil very carefully dabbing it with glass paint. Find a tutorial here.

2 DIY Fall Wind Chime

Your tween age child is getting older but they aren’t too old to head outside and collect sticks or other items. Collect those phones and send them out to find an assortment of rocks, long sticks, acorns, pinecones, etc. All of these items can be painted in autumn colors. You will need twine, small metal tea light holders to attack, and you can also add beads you have at home or find at the craft store. Take two long stick and using a glue gun, attach them together in the center making a large x. Have your tweens put their items in a line order of how they want it to hang from the sticks. Your tweens may need help, but they should be able to tie twine around the rocks, and string the other items. Here is an in-depth explanation. Once you’re done, hang these outside or anywhere you have space.

1 Fall Suncatcher

This project from the Artful Parent leaves your tween with a beautiul, seasonal decoration for their room. For this, you will need contact paper and as many freshly changed autumn leaves as you would like. Get a large rectangular piece of contact paper and fold in half. Lift up the sticky side and arrange the leaves however you want. Press them down to adhere and fold the paper back over pressing down avoilding air bubbles. Place on window or hang up in front of windows.

Source: The Best Ideas for Kids, Country Living, Artful Parent

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