What is Garmin Body Battery?

What is Garmin Body Battery?

Garmin Body Battery is the fitness brand’s proprietary metric for measuring your current energy level based on past workouts, heart rate variability, sleep and stress tracking, diet and hydration, and other information. Most Garmin watches support it, so you can judge how hard to work out on a given day.

Garmin Body Battery, explained

(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin watches collect an intense amount of data from your body, and not just during workouts. Trends in your heart rate, breathing, stress, and sleep, coupled with metrics like VO2 Max, can tell Garmin exactly what kind of bodily signals you should be giving off in ideal conditions – and what your actual health data signals about your current energy level.

Your Garmin Body Battery score is calculated after about a week of wearing your watch. At that point, it’ll have a baseline of your body’s health conditions, so it can estimate your average battery gains and losses even if you take your watch off for a while. Garmin will then need a full day to recalculate your Body Battery score to current accuracy.

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